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Following all the conversations that have happened at COP 26 it’s important for all of us to reflect on our own impact on the

Most Graphic designers will know that you need to look beyond the current trends in order to produce fresh and vibrant designs. This requires

Daily life at home is becoming a struggle for many and it can be challenging to keep that creative fire in your belly going. But don’t worry, we’ve compiled our top tips to keep those creative juices flowing during lockdown.

There’s no doubt that we’re well into an era of ‘90s nostalgia at the moment. As a Jim Carrey-starring Sonic the Hedgehog film tears up the box office, shows like Saved by the Bell and Friends are producing revivals or reunions, and the most talked-about podcast episode of the year is a mystery story based around a song that could only have come from “between 1997 and 1999”.

In web environments that are increasingly reliant on dynamic content, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs) give you a power and a flexibility that plain old static PNGs and JPGs simply can’t.

Many people, myself included, place a great deal of pressure on the first year out of art and design school. Amid pangs of anxiety around how to become employable and earn a real wage, the recent graduate experience can be a very trying time.