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In the ever-evolving landscape of social housing, the importance of clear, impactful, and compassionate communication cannot be overstated. Social housing is responsible for building communities, fostering security, and transforming lives. In a sector that relies on the right voice to tell its story it’s essential you work alongside a trusted partner.

Communicate impact in the social housing sector. We’re here to help you communicate not just your vision, but the very heart of what you do, in a way that’s both effective and true to your values. Connect with us, and let’s make a difference, together.

At Social, we don’t just recognise the unique challenges and pressures you face—from regulatory compliance to community engagement and stakeholder relations—we’ve made it our speciality to navigate these complexities. We know that at the heart of effective social housing communication is a deep respect for and understanding of the communities served, as well as a commitment to transparency and integrity, especially when handling sensitive issues.

Our approach is tailored specifically to the nuances of the social housing market. We immerse ourselves in your world to ensure our strategies resonate with the people who matter most to you: from tenants and local communities to funders and governmental bodies.

What sets Social apart is our blend of creativity and expertise, allowing us to craft bespoke communication strategies that speak directly to your needs and goals. Whether you’re launching a new housing development, seeking to enhance your reputation within the community, or navigating through a crisis, our team is equipped to support you every step of the way.

We understand that building trust is paramount. Our aim is to amplify your mission and values in a manner that not only informs but engages and inspires. Through strategic storytelling, targeted messaging, and thoughtful engagement initiatives, we help you foster positive relationships, elevate your brand, and, most importantly, make a meaningful difference in peoples lives.

Housing Projects

We were asked to create an integrated campaign that brought people together in Birmingham; that informed both young people and communities on the scale of investment happening in the city and the vast amount of opportunities on offer to them; invited them to get involved in the conversation and have a voice, and inspired them to join the Birmingham Housing Week movement.

Social worked with a major regional housing provider with thousands of social housing properties.

Abri is a large not-for-profit housing provider based in the South of England. They have committed to building 10,000 new homes by 2030, whilst understanding their position as a housing association tackling climate change by decarbonising the homes they own.