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Public Sector

Engaging and communicating with communities and stakeholders has always been a priority for public sector organisations, but the need to achieve impact with limited resources is now more important than ever. Whether it’s behaviour change campaigns, promoting public services or engaging with local communities on policy or new developments, we can provide flexible and integrated support that helps you build trust and achieve meaningful outcomes for people and places.

Public sector communications that make a real difference.

At Social, we’ve been a proud partner of public sector organisations from day one. We’ve worked with local councils, combined authorities, government agencies and economic development organisations to communicate with communities in creative and engaging ways.

Our team includes public sector communications specialists who have worked at the heart of local and regional government, where they lived and breathed the challenges and pressures you face. We get the complexities of the modern public sector and pride ourselves on working in partnership with you and your stakeholders, flexibly, responsively and with political sensitivity.

Building trust is fundamental to effective public sector communications. As an agency that combines communications expertise with a focus on community engagement, our approach focuses first and foremost on people and places. We take the time to understand the specific interests and aspirations of communities, drawing out insights to ensure that communications content and campaigns respond to their needs, promote trust achieve positive impact.

Audience insights are a core component of our strategic approach that ensures our communications resonate with the people who matter most to you: from local people, community organisations or businesses to government bodies, funders or partners. We will work with you to set out a clear strategy from the outset – ensuring that the channels, tactics and messages we develop achieve measurable results.

We blend our strong focus on strategy with creative execution to tell inspiring stories about your work, ensure communities feel involved in the future of their places, and influence stakeholders on policy. We are committed to inclusivity in everything we do, ensuring that our work – from video and animation to community consultation to communicating policy in accessible and engaging ways – is reflective of those you serve and brings people together.

Public Sector Projects

Fusion21 is a national social enterprise specialising in efficient and impactful public sector procurement and social value services. Created originally by and for the housing sector in 2002, it has since diversified into other sectors including local authority, education, NHS, and blue light.

Marketing Southport appointed Social to manage its tourism PR activity. We deliver targeted and effective media stories that results in coverage that reaches the agreed target audiences, leading to increased visitor numbers. Marketing Southport was looking for an agency that understood its audience profiles and the evolution of its brand since a relaunch.

TfGM, responsible for co-ordinating and improving transport services in Greater Manchester, wanted to run a behavioural change campaign among the general public to raise awareness of the dangers of becoming distracted while driving.