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Health and Wellbeing

The needle drops. A jet engine roars. “Flew in from Miami Beach BOAC, didn’t get to bed last night.” So begins another day working

The ability to ‘switch off’ is a truly delicate art form; according to research almost a third of workers struggle to master “how to

My name’s Margaret and I’m an aquaholic. It’s been 14 weeks since my last swim and it’s driving me crazy!

I wouldn’t say I am a gardener but have never felt that cutting the lawn or watering a few plants was a chore. Who knew that nearly a year to the day we moved into our new home how important the garden would become to us as a family and me personally?

In these challenging times, we know that mental health matters now more than ever. As we mark Mental Health Awareness Week 2020, some of Team Social share the little things that have supported their mental wellbeing during lockdown.

As thoughts rightly turn to recovery, the term ‘active travel’ has emerged as an apparent panacea to business. Whilst making changes to the workplace

With most of us stuck inside, understanding the different ways to keep active is vital for our physical and mental wellbeing. We’ve asked Team Social to share the different activities they’ve been doing to keep up their fitness levels in lockdown!

Daily life at home is becoming a struggle for many and it can be challenging to keep that creative fire in your belly going. But don’t worry, we’ve compiled our top tips to keep those creative juices flowing during lockdown.

Our lives have changed drastically, and we are not in control of what’s happening – but we can control ourselves and how we adapt to the situation.

Whether you’re a new freelancer or one of many workers now housebound by Coronavirus (like myself), setting up a healthy environment to work from home has become a huge priority across the globe.