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Our guide to the handy apps and websites that are out there that will help make your social media run that little bit smoother, or get some more of those ever coveted “double taps”

As the planning process moves online, John Quinton Barber says fears that community engagement has disappeared and the public are being excluded need to be addressed

For a long time, the sci-fi-predicted future of regular video calling remained a fantasy. But now we’ve been forced by circumstance into embracing the technology, how have our attitudes and conventions changed – and will they stay this way?

The LinkedIn algorithm is a complex thing – shrouded in secrecy, it’s no surprise that it’s rarely discussed.  So what’s the best way to boost the visibility of a LinkedIn post?

Nobody who has been reading about politics on Twitter or Facebook in the last five years could say that technology has fulfilled its potential to bring people together. Wasn’t that what we had hoped back in the early days of social networking? It represented the chance to keep in touch with distant friends and family members as well as making new connections across the world, but instead descended to bickering, bullying and belligerence.

It’s no surprise that in these unusual times, we’re turning to streaming media for comfort while we’re behind closed doors. And it’s equally no surprise that one of the forms we’re turning to en masse is the humble podcast.

“Be Kind”. Two small words with a huge message – one which will surely become Caroline Flack’s most powerful legacy.

In web environments that are increasingly reliant on dynamic content, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs) give you a power and a flexibility that plain old static PNGs and JPGs simply can’t.