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In our latest Impact Chat, Social Invest Director, Luke Cross, spoke to Maggie Rafalowicz, Director at Campbell Tickell. Maggie has more than 30 years

Content marketing is an essential part of any online lead generation strategy, but how can you make sure that you’re not filling up your

Last week saw the new Housing Minister Chris Pincher answer questions in the House of Commons for the first time since his appointment in the recent reshuffle. It was interesting in that it gave us an early indication that the new Government is keen to move the debate from meeting yearly housing targets, to a focus on ensuring high quality development.

Britain’s housing crisis is deepening and there’s been many suggested game-changers to break the impasse and finally get the market functioning in a more

January has seen the release of two critical reports into the poor quality of Britain’s new housing, raising the question as to how housing

The level of state control in the British planning system is also relatively unusual compared to other Western countries – “building is the sole major industry in which you can only do something if you have specific, detailed permission from the state”.

As the new year begins and the 2019 General Election fades into distant memory – helpfully aided by the Christmas/New Year lull – political attention will soon reawaken as all eyes turn to how the new majority Conservative government delivers on its promises.