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Flexible and Home Working

One of my saddest moments from the last six months came when I left our office in Bristol for the last time before lockdown

The ability to ‘switch off’ is a truly delicate art form; according to research almost a third of workers struggle to master “how to

Our lives have changed drastically, and we are not in control of what’s happening – but we can control ourselves and how we adapt to the situation.

When I accepted an exciting new job opportunity at Social, I never could have imagined I would be starting it at the peak of a global pandemic and national crisis.

Nobody who has been reading about politics on Twitter or Facebook in the last five years could say that technology has fulfilled its potential to bring people together. Wasn’t that what we had hoped back in the early days of social networking? It represented the chance to keep in touch with distant friends and family members as well as making new connections across the world, but instead descended to bickering, bullying and belligerence.

Whether you’re a new freelancer or one of many workers now housebound by Coronavirus (like myself), setting up a healthy environment to work from home has become a huge priority across the globe.

As the number of people infected with COVID-19 continues to grow in the UK, and with directions from government, companies are now rapidly reassessing policies and frantically trying to support home working as an alternative to keep as close to ‘business as usual as possible.