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The Artworker I often get a look of confusion when I tell people I’m a creative artworker. I understand, as it’s a varied and

The long, long months of lockdown have given people the chance to learn new languages, transform their gardens or master the art of baking. I’m still terrible at all of those things, so I’ve spent most of my spare time reading.

For a long time, the sci-fi-predicted future of regular video calling remained a fantasy. But now we’ve been forced by circumstance into embracing the technology, how have our attitudes and conventions changed – and will they stay this way?

There’s no doubt that we’re well into an era of ‘90s nostalgia at the moment. As a Jim Carrey-starring Sonic the Hedgehog film tears up the box office, shows like Saved by the Bell and Friends are producing revivals or reunions, and the most talked-about podcast episode of the year is a mystery story based around a song that could only have come from “between 1997 and 1999”.

“Be Kind”. Two small words with a huge message – one which will surely become Caroline Flack’s most powerful legacy.