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Services: Video Production,

The client

Northern Outdoor is owned by Dan Smith, who has a passion for the outdoors and a desire to share his experiences via courses developed to inspire others to find their passion too.

The challenge

Dan Smith wanted to travel 500km through the Yukon wilderness solo in order to raise money for charity. He wanted an impactful video that would capture the public’s attention and drive donations to his cause. 

The solution

Due to the scenic similarities we decided to stage the video over various locations across the Lake District. Our plan was to re-create the challenges Dan would face whilst out alone in the wilderness including foraging, navigating, setting up camp and remaining in a constant state of vigilance. We wanted this to feel as earthy and gritty as the real journey across the Yukon.  

We shot this over two days under constant pouring rain and fog, which whilst challenging logistically, helped create the atmosphere of the piece. We shot an interview with Dan on location to capture his thoughts on the challenge and interwove this with the footage to create a short, impactful video that the client loved and will use to spearhead their fundraising efforts.