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The client

Ciptex is an innovative software provider, whose technology platform helps organisations connect with their customers across multiple channels easily using a cloud-based contact centre.

The challenge

Ciptex could see a huge potential market for its solutions in a significant sector of the UK economy –  one in which investment in responsive customer service was a major priority. But they had no prior experience of this market and needed to understand the challenges their target audience faced to correctly position themselves.

The solution

We designed a bespoke strategy sprint for Ciptex. We invited a senior leader from their target market to share insider perspectives on the key issues, opportunities and challenges within the sector. This was backed up with additional research which we undertook looking at how government policy and media reporting were driving change in the sector.

Armed with these insights, we ran an intensive Sprint with the Ciptex team and used workshop exercises to understand the key capabilities, opportunities and areas for development that would enable Ciptex to enter this market successfully.

The impact

Informed by their clear understanding of the key trends and audience requirements of their target market, and with a clear strategy for market penetration, Ciptex successfully and confidently launched its technology platform to a brand new market at a leading industry conference six weeks after the Sprint session.