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The client

Octopus Real Estate is a specialist real estate investor and Certified B Corp, with operations across real estate, Octopus Investments – who we also engaged with – and Octopus Energy.

The challenge

Octopus Real Estate wanted to produce an authoritative and engaging piece of research that would open up a constructive discussion about the housing supply crisis, while demonstrating their sector commitment and expertise. This included the potential role for new forms of capital investment in housing, to provide partnership opportunities and help shape the future of housing supply.

The solution

We successfully leveraged our extensive sector knowledge and networks to collaborate with the Octopus Real Estate team, fostering insightful discussions and offering a fresh perspective to the FPRP market. Through rigorous research, including analysis of government statistics, interviews with over 20 housing association finance leaders, and consultations with key advisors and regulatory bodies, we identified a slowdown in housing association development of more than 20%. Additionally, we partnered with Inside Housing to conduct a sponsored survey targeting housing association finance and development leads, actively contributing to the formulation of survey questions and overseeing its implementation with the Inside Housing commercial team. We also facilitated our director Luke Cross’s co-chairing of a roundtable, which not only supported our research endeavours but also expanded Octopus Real Estate’s network. As a testament to the credibility of our findings, we secured a foreword from a respected academic, enhancing the impact and reception of the research.

The impact


Leading titles coverage


Downloads in first 30 days

  • The research paper was shared widely across the housing sector, securing coverage across 16 media outlets, including Sky News, Inside Housing and Financial Reporter.
  • The Levelling Up Select Committee verbally referenced the research at the call for evidence on the future of housing finance.
  • We created a sponsored survey in Inside Housing that engaged over 100 housing leaders.
  • During the research stage, we engaged over 20 senior housing figures during a roundtable discussing the paper content.
  • We also created a landing page for the report of which Octopus Real Estate confirmed the website views were the second highest across their site post launch.
  • The research was of such significance, we used it to secure speaker slots at conferences including Homes and Unlock Net Zero.

Coverage across 16 leading titles. 754 Downloads in first 30 days.