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Tom Squirrell became part of our team in November as our inaugural apprentice through The Growth Company. From what his role entails to his biggest achievement – learn more about Tom

What did you do before you joined team Social?

Prior to the business administration apprenticeship at Social, I was a full-time student studying A-Levels in Business, Law, and Psychology.

What does your role at Social entail?

At Social, I am part of the operations team. I also assist the finance department. The role has various elements and complexities that provide the opportunity to gain extensive insight into the business and gather a holistic overview of the company. I support staff by addressing issues relating to technology by working with third parties to provide relevant support.

What has been your biggest career highlight or achievement?

To date, my biggest achievement is my academic achievements. In my A-level studies, I attained all A Grades, and in my GCSEs 7s and 8s. I am excited about continuing to progress and develop in the supportive and dedicated environment Social offers, gaining professional experience from industry specialists with diverse skills and an array of knowledge who are committed to making a positive difference.

What are three things you couldn’t live without?

  • I thoroughly enjoy skiing and have an annual trip to the Alps. I am always keen to carve the first tracks in the morning, take in the spectacular views across the mountain range throughout the day until the last lift in the evening – ensuring I make the most of every second.
  • I am lucky to have an amazing family. My parents are extremely supportive and have always guided me, instilling clear morals and good values. I also share a close relationship with my two siblings.
  • My healthy and active lifestyle and routine is something else I would struggle to be without. I attend the gym each evening, ensuring I maintain physical and mental fitness which subsequently helps me be able to commit to and engross myself in my professional life.

Tell us something about you that might surprise us?

I am currently the second-fastest skier on Montaqgne Russes in Courchevel on Strava out of 4000 people. I have 3 seconds to make up to be 1st so I’ll be gunning for first next time.