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Why you should consider using TikTok

You’ll find everyone on TikTok. People from all walks of life are using this platform and expressing themselves authentically. Pilots, dentists, students, politicians and celebrities are all using TikTok as both users and creators. Drake even created the song ‘Tootsie Slide’ specifically for TikTok, leading to securing a place at number one in the Official UK Trending Charts.

Videos on TikTok can be what you want them to be: creative, educational, inspirational, trendsetting or entertaining. What’s more, TikTok videos aren’t just for TikTok. They’re often reposted across multiple other social networks – most notably on Instagram’s latest feature Reels – which only further expands their reach. The platform even has its own influencer network – Creator Marketplace. Here you’ll have the opportunity to find creators who would best represent your brand’s tone of voice, while the Creators can add their own input and expert knowledge of what works best on TikTok. One benefit of using Creators is that they already have a strong reach and understand what makes a popular video, as well as presenting users with an advert that seems authentic.

How to advertise on TikTok

The platform offers advanced targeting capabilities. By using TikTok ads, you can target your audience by gender, location, age, interests, device, and other unique variables. Here’s a summary of TikTok’s self-service ad options:


TopView places your video at the very top of a users’ page. Your advert will be unmissable as the first thing they see when they open the app, capturing their attention. Millions of views are guaranteed within a 24-hour period, with an impressive 17% average engagement rate.

In Feed

Natively integrated within a user’s feed, you can tell your story like a creator. Successful videos understand the audience and seamlessly blend in with their content. For example, Heinz created a ‘Can You Safe Squeeze’ campaign featuring a challenge to squeeze ketchup an impressive distance, yet still land on a burger. By using this fun format, it blended in with the audience’s feed and fitted with the feel of the surrounding content.


How far can you Safe Squeeze your favourite Heinz sauce? Squeeze the most out of summer.

♬ original sound – HeinzUK

Try a Branded Hashtag Challenge

Invite TikTok users to create their own user generated content around a branded hashtag of your choosing. This aligns with TikTok users’ natural tendency to create organic content, share, and go viral. A great example of this is #GucciModelChallenge which currently has over 8 million views.

Explore Branded Effects

Branded effects allow brands to insert themselves directly into the video in a 2D, 3D or AR effect. With an 8-10% engagement rate on average, branded effects are not only fun for creators to use, they are an effective way to get your brand message across.

Creativity that Drives Conversions

Finally, TikTok has the option to connect with tracking tools and pixels so you can track your conversions in depth with the software you are already using. With so many different options to get involved, a wide audience, and 4.3% higher engagement rates than other social platforms, now is the perfect time to introduce your business to the world of TikTok!

As TikTok say in their latest For Business campaign – don’t make ads, make TikToks.


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