Producing training and development videos to help develop a positive culture

UK Sport Video Series

UK Sport

UK Sport is responsible for the UK’s elite sporting success, identifying and nurturing high potential individuals. It wanted to build a positive, sustainable culture among many different sports and commissioned Social to produce a series of videos as part of its training and development programmes.

What we deliver

We work closely with UK Sport’s Performance Pathway and Cultural Development teams, who provide very specific briefs about the subject they want to explore, such as performance improvement techniques, building a positive culture and helping elite athletes and their coaching teams improve behaviours, techniques and best practices to increase the UK’s chances of global sporting success at the Olympics and other world-class international sporting events.

We provide the production crew, producer and all the technical equipment required to capture high quality footage in a range of environments from the UK’s only luge track to filming in velodromes, boxing rings and even underwater for the national Paralympic swimming team. Our team included a journalist with experience of interviewing elite coaches to draw out key messages aligned to UK Sport’s brief.

We have also been collaborating with their in-house marketing team to develop and produce videos for an external audience. Our recent video features a conversation with Karate World Champion Jordan Thomas, as he reflects on his past achievements and future aspirations. The video which launched on UK Sport’s Instagram quickly became their most watched video of the year across their channel.