Driving thought leadership in the architecture industry

Pozzoni Architecture

Pozzoni Architecture is a national practice that focuses on delivering personal architecture that has a positive impact on quality of life and wellbeing. We work with Pozzoni to tell the stories of the buildings they work on and the impact they have on the people who use them.

What we delivered

At the beginning we worked together to create a strategy aligned to their business objectives, while creating a clear narrative that captured the essence of the Pozzoni story.

We are supporting this narrative with every piece of content we produce, raising their profile and showcasing their work on projects, such as Alderley Park Leisure Centre, Tameside Wellness Centre, Didsbury High School and Chamberhall Business Park.

Confirming Pozzoni as a ‘go to’ source of expert commentary on people centred architecture within the industry was another focus, and we have gained high profile thought leadership coverage, including a piece on intergenerational living, which led to new business leads and a reactive comment opportunity in RIBA Journal.

Our work so far with Pozzoni has secured over 33m opportunities to see, including featuring them as one of the first companies to sign up to the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter, as well as an interview focused on their membership of the APPG Dementia inquiry.

Alongside our media work, we have also assisted in the writing of bid documents for procurement frameworks and award submission, using our storytelling skills to craft compelling responses that have already succeeded in Pozzoni being accepted onto a new construction framework.