Kickstarting a social housing revolution

George Clarke’s Council House Scandal

Following on from the successful #lovehome campaign for MOBIE in May 2019, July saw us support George Clarke and his Amazing Productions team with the launch of a new national campaign calling for more, and better, council housing to be built across the UK.

The idea

On 31 July 2019, exactly 100 years since the first council estates were created following the Addison Act, making ‘homes fit for heroes’ after the First World War, George launched a petition calling on the Government for 100,000 new council houses to be built every year for the next 30 years.

The TV show aired on the 31 July on Channel 4, investigated the shortage of good quality council housing across the country, which has left more than a million people on council housing waiting lists.

What we delivered

Working closely with George and his team, we produced a dedicated campaign microsite to host user-generated content from the public, we also managed social media channels to drive public, professional and political support for the campaign.

The campaign’s call to action was to rallying signatures for a petition at

After working with Social Communications earlier this year, it was a natural decision to bring them on board to help launch and amplify my Council House Scandal campaign. Social’s knowledge of the housing sector, as well as its key decision makers and influencers, will be a massive boost in our campaign for more and better council housing across the UK.
George Clarke
Amazing Productions