Establishing a distinctive narrative and trusted place brand identity for a flagship regeneration project

Burgess Hill

Mid Sussex District Council

We were appointed to establish a distinctive and trusted brand identity for the Mid Sussex District Council’s flagship regeneration project at Burgess Hill. The project had a complex patchwork of stakeholders and the community was sceptical, having seen several false dawns for the area’s regeneration.

What we did

Our priority was to understand Burgess Hill’s community and business stakeholders. We identified common ground and formulated a set of messages which resonated with all of them.

Our comprehensive programme of engagement developed trust in the brand development process – essential to securing buy-in. We developed brand concepts, reflecting the area’s natural and industrial heritage, in workshops with council members and worked with them on shortlisting brand options. These were then shared and refined following input from developers and the local community.

We ran street surveys to explore key themes with local people. Finally, we held a public ballot to select the winning design, providing regular updates on social media to maintain interest and momentum.

The results

Nearly 1,000 residents took part in our ballot over a two-week period. Our grassroots approach allowed local groups to shape the messaging and branding, increasing the local support for what had been a controversial project. We then developed and launched a website to showcase the benefits and timescales of the regeneration.