Social Place

Communication that shapes places and sparks success.


We have developed a sophisticated and robust digital engagement offering. It delivers well-rounded insights from a wider cross-section of the community than traditional consultation – and enables our clients to keep their plans moving throughout the restrictions of coronavirus. We combine a suite of tools to share your vision and capture people’s imaginations and opinions, including:

  • Websites and consultation platforms offering both visual and written feedback tools
  • Branded webinars for direct interaction with stakeholders
  • Smart social media strategies and e-newsletters to get your messages to the heart of the community
  • Virtual site tours showing what your plans will mean for the local area
  • Social listening to deliver insight on what your audiences are talking about on social media and who is influencing their conversations
  • Video and animation to bring your stories and visions to life.

Our digital engagement has been refined and proved through use on multiple placemaking consultations across the UK.