Social Care

Our social care expertise highlights the positive stories that come out of all forms of social care in our communities, and raises awareness of the funding challenge the sector faces.

Our credentials in the social care sector cover the breadth of services that help some of the most vulnerable people in our society to live comfortable and fulfilling lives. This includes senior care, specialised supported housing, and services for people with additional needs, including autism.

We understand the sensitivities and complexities that come with talking about real lives in this delicate sector, as well as how to engage with the pivotal target audiences to achieve our clients’ communications goals.

We know how to tell the stories that deserve telling, as well as the importance of showcasing content and case studies of positivity that highlight the impact social care providers and care sector innovators are having on people’s lives.

Within social care we have provided support across our full-service communications capability. This has ranged from stakeholder strategy around the redevelopment of care facilities, to positioning thought leadership pieces and highlighting the financial investments that can help transform lives and deliver better outcomes.