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Social’s Partnership with Newbridge Advisors

23rd February 2021 By Luke Cross
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We’ve recently partnered with Newbridge Advisors, to help companies in the built environment sector deliver on their environmental, social and governance (ESG) agenda. Newbridge are specialist advisers in infrastructure, housing and regeneration, delivering services across bank and bond finance and all aspects of investor relations.

Luke Cross, Director of Social Invest, explains more about the partnership.

What is the partnership about?

We’ve teamed up with Newbridge Advisors to support housing providers and other companies in the built environment with end-to-end ESG advisory and communications services. It’s a good fit with the investor relations services that Newbridge offers. Social and Newbridge also know and work with a number of the same organisations, so it made sense to offer the option of a joined-up approach that clients would benefit from.

Why housing providers in particular?

This is the sector where the majority of both companies’ clients are, and where a significant amount of our experience lies. Both Grant Vaughan and Chris Evans of Newbridge have a very strong track record helping housing associations in the debt capital markets from their banking days, and continue to have a large investor network. Newbridge already provides investor relations and technical ESG advisory services to a number of housing associations. Combined with our housing and built environment presence, my own background covering affordable housing finance for both sector and investor audiences, and Social’s integrated communications capabilities, we think we have a really exciting offer.

How does this benefit clients in these sectors?

ESG has been moving further into the financial mainstream in recent years, and while housing associations may feel ESG is a natural fit for the sector, they still need to be able to tell their story in a compelling, clear and engaging way.

For an organisation to demonstrate they are good at ESG, they need to be robust on the technical side, just as much as the communications side. Newbridge can provide the technical advice and support on ESG, like documentation for bonds and disclosures, whilst Social can help to develop and tell the story to communicate with stakeholders, while offering strategic support.

Do clients need to work with both Newbridge and Social Invest?

No. There’s no obligation to work with both firms. Some organisations may be comfortable with their progress on ESG reporting and frameworks, but would benefit from specialist support in how they communicate to a range of key stakeholders. Others may just be starting out on their ESG journey, wanting to get off on the right foot and in need of technical advisory or strategic support. We are here to have that conversation and work out what is needed when.

How can we find out more?

Get in touch. We are always happy to have an initial chat to discuss our experience and how we can help.