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Fresh rebrands taking centre stage

1st March 2021 By Lauren Stradling
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Rebranding involves, but is not limited to, changing a company’s corporate image by developing a new name, symbol, logo, and updating associated visual assets such as marketing materials. When rebranding, the end-goal is to create a new and differentiated brand identity in the minds of consumers, investors, prospects, competitors, employees, and the general public.

We’re no strangers ourselves to rebranding.  In 2019 we ditched the name ‘Social Communications’ and its  large iconography suite,  simplifying to ‘Social’ with a smarter, more refined image. We did this to reflect how much the company had grown and developed since it was established back in 2013.

We refined our colour palette, transformed our logo to incorporate our new identity and updated all our marketing assets across each of the offices. We’re really proud of the new name, logo and values that we’ve created throughout this process, it has been a hit both internally and externally.


Burger King

At the beginning of this year Burger King proudly unveiled  its first rebrand in 20 years, a very bold move for a firm family favourite. They have revamped their traditional colour palette from 1999 and have given the brand a refresh with a more flat ‘retro’ logo with a custom typeface aptly named ‘craveable’.

This rebrand has been rolled out across store signage, online activity, staff uniforms and of course, food packaging. A big thumbs up from us for this rebrand, as it pays homage to the company’s history whilst firmly  stamping their mark on 2021.


Hot on the heels of Burger King’s bold, illustration-led rebrand, We’re Lovin’ (sorry, I had to) McDonald’s redesign, focussed on its food packaging exclusively, the new look is bold and illustration-led. Championing bright graphics and bold typography, the new look sees McDonald’s entire packaging receive a playful makeover that’s fun, celebratory and retro – just like its rival’s.

This new packaging design aims to bring “a sense of joy and ease” to the brand featuring simple vector-style illustrations depicting its most iconic products and ingredients. The design manages to successfully stand out from the (very large) crowd. The basic geometric shapes with a relatively simple yet bold colour scheme and a clean sans-serif typeface manage to juggle a functional purpose (each product is easily recognisable) with that all-important sense of fun.


Design studio Collins recently rebranded the widely-known dating platform Match, positioning them as a “beloved service rather than a convenient game”. The new identity includes a redesigned logo (moving away from the .com to simply be known as Match) as well as strategy and photography guidelines, all of which were revealed in time for the company’s 25th anniversary.

It’s hard to believe that the .com based business is now 25 years old! They have noted that since Match was founded back in 1995, “dating has become a panic-induced, anxiety-ridden journey”. Match has strategically utilised it’s 25 years of experience and knowledge in the dating game to portray themselves as a trusted and inclusive brand. We particularly love the soft typography and subtle colours they’ve incorporated that definitely help to convey those romantic vibes.

Rebranding can truly give your business a new direction, help you differentiate yourselves or establish your brand in different markets. Rebranding can even help colleagues, clients and customers buy into your commitments and values.

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