Having spent the last 17 years in full time education, it’s safe to say that I was somewhat apprehensive about my entry into the world of work. Learning quickly, living up to expectations, evading imposter syndrome: it’s a transition period well-documented across the internet and a topic frequented by many podcast channels.

That’s why when I received a call offering me the role of Account Executive at award-winning agency Social Communications back in mid August, I have to admit that my excitement was tinged with self-doubt. However, roll on the first Monday of September – the universal date for transitions, new beginnings, growth – there I was, ready to begin my career as the newest recruit at the Leeds office.

The ensuing weeks proved that my new starter nerves were unjustified. If the relentless patience of my colleagues wasn’t enough, then the fact that I spent my first two weeks occupied and busy both in and out of office reassured me that I had neither reason – nor time – to worry.

Despite being the office ‘newbie’, I was brought along to meet a number of clients about upcoming projects. I drafted social media posts for several accounts. I did a lot of research and put my three years of higher education to good use as I deciphered my way through articles peppered with unfamiliar political jargon. I attended multiple events from the outset; I was involved in a breakfast serenaded by a brass band at the theatre and witnessed a 75 year-old abseil down a building in celebration of its opening. I also collated media coverage for a variety of clients, which gave me an insight into the real impact of the work we do here.

I spent the remaining hours engaging in smaller – though nonetheless exciting – activities, which included a team meeting over waffles and ice cream and learning how to make a cup of Earl Grey – unchartered territory for a self-professed breakfast tea enthusiast like myself.

But whilst exciting projects certainly shaped my first few weeks, the thing that I appreciated the most was the fact that I felt valued. I might be new to the company, but I’ve been asked for my opinions and input since day one. I’ve been kept in the loop face-to-face, over the phone and via email regularly – a perk which is unsurprising to me as I work with a group of expert, experienced communicators. I’ve been helped out and checked in with, even when the agency – along with its team of relentlessly hard workers that clearly care about its reputation, work and future – has been experiencing an incredibly busy and exciting period of work.

I was told that I’d surrounded myself with ‘a good bunch’ when I joined Social Communications. I think so too.