I was lucky enough to attend the launch of the RSA’s Inclusive Growth Report last week.  Taking place on our doorstep in Bradford, this nationally significant event brought together key figures from the public and private sectors working across the economic growth agenda.

So the first question to ask – what is Inclusive Growth? Put simply, it is described as growth that enables the greatest number of people to ‘benefit from’ and ‘contribute to.’

Chaired by former BBC economics editor Stephanie Flanders, an independent commission has created this report and come up with a set of key recommendations. The Commission has explored the opportunities Inclusive Growth presents to cities and city regions across the nation and looked at what models can be adopted that will enable inclusive growth to turn from a concept to reality.

It was pertinent during the week of International Woman’s Day to see such strong female leadership on this agenda, both from the Commission and Leaders across West Yorkshire. I was blown away by the panel of young community activists from Bradford who bravely came on stage to explain what inclusive growth means to them. Sometimes when you are working on a
complex economic and social agenda, it is easy to forget the people this will directly affect but these inspirational young men and women gave their frank and honest feedback on what can be done on the ground to really make a difference to people’s lives.

Alongside local political leaders and Northern Powerhouse Minister, Andrew Percy MP, I was particularly impressed by Charlotte Alldritt, Director of the Inclusive Growth Commission. From hearing her speak as part of the business panel session, you could tell this is something she feels enormously passionate about and will champion for many years to come.

A message Charlotte gave loud and clear was that we all have a role to play in ensuring the principles of Inclusive Growth are adopted in everything we do. Without buy in from the Government, businesses and all of us in the community, it will not move from rhetoric to reality.

In many areas of the country, the core thinking behind Inclusive Growth is already being delivered. It chimes with the ambition set out in the Strategic Economic Plan for the Leeds City Region, where good growth is central to plans to grow the economy. To build on this, this new report provides the government with a helpful “starter for 10” and offers the Prime Minister some clear recommendations on how to build on the momentum already gained.

As a small business growing in the region, this event and report has really struck a chord with what we at Social Communications want to achieve through our own growth ambitions. Having heard more about the role the business community has to play in driving this forward, we will continue to explore ways we can contribute to this important work so that we all start to feel the benefits.

To read the report and find out more about the Inclusive Growth Commission, visit this link.