TikTok’s largest audience, Generation Z, consumes much of its material online and have grown up being exposed to a large range of media types and formats from a young age. With so much media choice – it’s been difficult to establish which they interact with and what resonates with them – so much that – TikTok has labelled their members Gen T based on their unique interests and sub-cultures. Unable to be labelled or boxed into one collective group based solely on demographics, they’re a sub-generation of their own.

“While Gen Z undoubtedly makes up the larger chunk of our audience, the characteristics of the people on the platform simply cannot be limited to a segmentation driven by the number of years one has lived. The truth is that generation T(for TikTok, of course) is age-agnostic.”

Whether you like educational videos or entertaining dance routines, TikTok has a place for yourself, your brand or business to stand out and connect with your audience. Without further ado, let’s jump right in:


TOP TIKTOK TIP #1 Jump on current trends

Trends come and go in an instant – TikTok moves quickly, so you should too. The app’s algorithm favours videos that include popular sounds, effects, or hashtags. But making the most of these trends isn’t as complicated as it sounds – rather than brainstorming a whole new idea every day, you can simply browse through the FYP and Discover pages for fresh inspiration.

How to identify what’s trending

Scrolling through the Discover tab will provide an essence of what is trending currently. Similarly, following hashtags such as #trendalert does the work for you, as users take it upon themselves to monitor the platform and identify what is rising in popularity – often by tracking the ratio of sounds to videos created using those sounds and looking for rapid growth – making it easy to jump on rising trends.

Keep in mind that trends differ based on the algorithm niche you are bound in. What’s popular on Fitness TikTok may not be trending on Dancing TikTok, but this isn’t an issue because it helps get your videos onto the For You pages of likeminded individuals who will love that trend.


TOP TIKTOK TIP #2 Practice and prepare

Once you’ve identified a trend, do you know how to participate? Firstly, TikTok values high-quality videos, so it helps to ensure that you have access to a good-quality camera (most smartphones will do!) and either a good source of natural light or lighting set up, such as a ring light or strip LEDs if you want to accomplish a specific effect.

Once you’ve nailed down your environment, explore how to make your video entertaining. This will mostly rely on the aesthetic you want to align with, but it never hurts to be familiar with some slick transitions and edits. One of the great things about TikTok is that they have made all this available in-app, so even the most inexperienced content producer can make engaging videos.


HAND TRANSITIONS FOR BEGINNERS – results at the end #transitions #transitiontutorial #fyp #madtransitions #madmatthiestransitions

♬ rockstar shplash – VNDRE


TOP TIKTOK TIP #3 Keep videos short, post often.

Unless your narrative really needs a full minute of video, I’d recommend keeping your clips concise and to the point. TikTok measures quality by comparing the average length of watch time to the length of the video, and so people are more inclined to watch 8 seconds of a 10-second video than 48 seconds of one that’s a minute-long.

Going viral on TikTok is a numbers game. The more often you upload, the more probable it is that one of your videos will go viral. If you consistently publish good-quality videos, not only will your videos likely improve, but you’ll also increase the likelihood to have one of them go viral.


TOP TIKTOK TIP #4 Strengthen your reach

You can boost the chances of achieving virality even after you’ve filmed your clip:

Always respond to comments

The more comments a video receives, the more likely it will go viral as the platform values engagement. This works especially well if you then further interact with viewers and encourage them to keep commenting.

TikTok’s ability to use a comment as the premise for a video is one of its distinguishing features. This is a kind of connection we’ve never seen on any other social media app—to begin, click on a comment from any of your videos. After this, a comment box will appear, with a red recording button to the left. Tap the button, and a recording screen will open, with a little text box containing the comment.


Reply to @ark_dilo_god ✌️😎 #replyingtocomments #replytocomments #comments #reply #fyp

♬ Wuki Remix World Caves In – wüki

Choose your hashtags wisely

Trending hashtags can help you get discovered on TikTok by increasing your exposure and reach. As TikTok’s hashtags are newer and less crowded than other networks, choosing the relevant ones can get you much further than on Instagram or Twitter.

While the Discover page can help identify trending hashtags, more specific hashtags can help your video to reach your audience where they’re at. Unfortunately, there’s no formula for the “right” hashtags. The hashtags you should use are dictated by your goals, the content itself, and what is trending at the time of publishing. Trending hashtags are exposed to a large audience, but there’s a lot of competition. Therefore, it’s good to practise combining these hashtags with more niche hashtags related to your content; as you get momentum in a niche hashtag, this will undoubtedly assist you to climb the more popular ones.

Use these techniques to ensure your content has the highest chance of reaching huge audiences – but remember all the top TikTok tips and tricks in the world will not be able to replace original and creative content!

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